The Japan Society of Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis (JSCTA) AwardJSCTA Research Encouragement Award
2017Junko Morikawa
(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
“Temperature wave analysis and thermal imaging methods in thermal analysis”
Mafumi Hishida (Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, University of Tsukuba)
“Structural thermodynamics toward a systematic understanding of effects of incorporated molecules in a phospholipid bilayer”

Fumito Fujishiro (Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Kochi University)
“Evaluation and development of functional ceramics utilizing gas-solid reaction using thermogravimetry-differential thermal analysis”
2016Dr. Atsushi Nagoe (Department of Mathematics and Science, School of Science and Engineering,Kokushikan University)
“Investigation of Low-Temperature Thermal Properties of Liquid Water and Benzene Confined within Silica-gel Nano-pores”.
2015Yasuhiro Nakazawa
(Graduate School of Science, Osaka University)
"Thermodynamics Studies on Molecule-Based Compounds with Strong Electron Correlations"
2014Nobuyoshi KOGA (Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University)
"Kinetic Characterization of the Reactions of Inorganic Solids by
Thermal Analyses"
2009---Kohsaku Kawakami (NIMS)
"Thermal Analysis of Physical State of Crystalline/Grassy Pharmaceuticals"
2008Masaharu Oguni (Tokyo Tech.)
"Thermal Studies on Structural Relaxation and Ordering in Disordered Molecular-Arrangement Sysytem"

Takayoshi Kimura (Kinki Univ.)
"Calorimetric Investigations of Molecular Recognition in Solution"
Mika Iijima (Nagasaki Univ.)
"Thermal Properties of Polysaccharide Physical Hydrogels"

Makoto Tachibana (NIMS)
"Exploration of Novel Electronic and Magnetic Phase Diagram in Transition Metal Oxides by Heat Capacity Measurement"
2007---Yasuhisa Yamamura (Univ. Tsukuba)
"Thermodynamic Properties and the Phase Transition of Negative Thermal Expansion Compounds"
2006Yoshikata Koga (The University of British Columbia (Canada))
"Thermodynamic Studies of Aqueous SolutionsDifferential Methodology in Solution Thermodynamics and its Application to Aqueous Solutions"

MALT Group:
Harumi Yokokawa (Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan), Sigheru Yamauchi (Waseda Univ), Takashi Matsumoto (Kagaku Gijutsu-Sha)
"Construction and Dissemination of the Thermodynamic Database MALT"
Toru Kyomen (Gunma Univ.)
"Thermodynamic Studies of Functional Perovskite-Related Oxides"

Masayuki Oda (Kyoto Prefectural Univ.)
"Thermodynamic Analysis of Biomolecular Interactions"