JSCTA is conducting the following business in order to achieve the above-mentioned aims.

1. Publication of the Journal
Journal of “Netsu Sokutei (Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis)” is published quarterly by JSCTA and all Society members can receive this Journal by free of charge. In this journal, the original papers, short notes, review articles, lectures, commentary and other various information for Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis and its related fields are included, and any members of the Society can contribute to the Journal.

2. Japanese Conference on Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis (JCCTA)
JCCTA has been held once a year by JSCTA, in collaboration with the related 25 Societies such as The Chemical Society of Japan, The Physical Society of Japan, The Society of Polymer Science, Japan, etc.. The 20th anniversary meeting of JCCTA was held on a grand scale on November, in 1984, attending the famous researchers from abroad. After the annual meeting, the 25th and 30th anniversary meetings of JCCTA were also held in Osaka, in 1989 and 1994, respectively. In these anniversary meetings, the selected papers presented at the conference were published in Thermochimica Acta. Recently, some of the special lectures have been given by the invited speakers at home and from abroad, and mini-symposium on the special topics has been also planned in the annual Conference. During the annual Conference, demonstration on the apparatus, equipments, materials and books related to Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis are displayed. Every members of JSCTA can attend the conference by the reduced price.

3. A short course to the Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis
JSCTA opens every year a shot course to the Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis to promote the knowledge of the Calorimetry and Thermal analysis. The subjects of a short course are selected to comply various demands from the fundamental fields of calorimetry and thermal analysis to its application to various materials. Therefore, the contents which beginners can understand well and the specialist for thermal analysis can anticipate to be useful are incorporated into the subjects in a short course. The question and answer corner is also prepared for every attendant to closely contact with the lecturers. During a short course, the apparatus of thermal analysis in Japan and foreign counties are displayed and demonstrated. Every members of JSCTA can attend this short course by the reduced price.

4. Workshops on the Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis
Workshops on the special selected topics of the Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis were held every year, and academic problems on the special topics are actively discussed. Everybody can attend freely this workshop.

5. Lectures
Lectures sponsored by JSCTA and cosponsored by the related Society are given by the foreign visitors of Calorimetry and Thermal analysis and its related fields during the visit to Japan.

6. Group Activity
Research Group or Working Group can be organized if necessary and do the research and collect the information. At present Applied Research Group of Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis and Working Group of Thermodynamic Data Base have been working.

7. International Cooperation
Our Japanese Society is closely related to International Scientific Group (International Confederation for Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (ICTAC), IUPAC and CODATA) and Foreign Societies of Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis. This Society is highly evaluated abroad, especially as one of the member organization of ICTAC.

8. Present Organization
The numbers of regular members, regular company members and student members are 784, 35 (shares) and 42, on May in 1997. Membership is open to all, regardless of nationality. This organization id administered by a general meeting, the president, the committee and a board of secretary. An editorial meeting takes charge of the journal of “Netsu-Sokutei (Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis)”.