Netsu Sokutei, 32 (1), p. 8, (2005)

特集 - 熱力学・熱測定と教育

熱・エネルギーに関する高校教育の現状 - 熱力学に関する基礎教育の必要性 -

The Current Status of Heat and Energy Education at High School - Necessity of Basic Education on Thermodynamics -

By reviewing the current curriculum of high school science, the status of heat and energy education was analyzed. In spite of the importance of heat and energy education for fostering scientific literacy required in daily life, the comprehensive education on heat and energy is weakened by an optional system of science subjects at high schools. For promoting education on "Science and Technology for the Environment and Society (STES)", it is required to develop teaching materials and educational programs on energy-environment education in addition to the introduction of a compulsory science subject for the first year class at high school.