Netsu Sokutei, 42 (3), p. 81, (2015)


Zr-Ce-Pr-O 系酸化物にみられる蛍石類似相 ― 混在状態を利用した触媒材料 ―

Fluorite-like Oxide Phases Appearing in the Zr-Ce-Pr-O System ― Catalyst Materials Optimizing the Mixing States ―

The effect of the mixing states of CaF2-like phases appearing in the Zr-Ce-Pr-O system on their thermochemical behavior has been discussed on the basis of the data accumulated over the past few decades. In the Pr-O system, a series of CaF2-like PrnO2n-2: Pr3+4Pr4+mO2(4+m)-2 oxides are well-known; the metastable phase (m = 4) may appear in a mixing state with the m = 5 or 3 phase for the PrnO2n-2 thin film sputtered on a CaF2-related Y2O3 substrate. In the Zr-Ce-O system, there exist many CaF2-like and -related phases: tetragonal t, t', t'', cubic c, κ-Ce2Zr2O8, and so on. In the Zr-Pr-O system, the novel CaF2-type λ-(Zr1/4Pr3/4)O2-y phase with large oxygen nonstoichiometry has been discovered. For the quasi-binary solid solutions, Zr2/8Ce(6-x/8)Prx/8O2-y (0≤ x ≤6), the (c, t'') and λ phases appear in the Ce-rich and Pr-rich regions, respectively. The extremely resembling c, t'' and λ phases can form junctions with coherent interfaces, accompanied by introduction of oxygen vacancy around them, when the samples pre-fired at a sufficiently high temperature. The most excellent results for CH4 steam reforming test have been obtained with Ni catalyst supported by the oxides possessing the junctions; the catalytic activity of NiO has been reported.