Netsu Sokutei, 33 (4), p. 148, (2006)


静的熱量測定の最前線 -静的熱量測定の基本と研究・開発への応用-

Recent Advance on Static Calorimetry - Fundamentals and Applications to the Research and Development -

Static calorimetry is a powerful mean in research and development of industrial materials. However, it has not been previously applied so much, because of the complicated handling of calorimeter and the lack of knowledge of the calorimetry. In this article, the fundamentals of static calorimetry correlated with the basic thermodynamics and the development of the recent calorimeters were reported, and the application examples to the four different fields of the research and the development of the industrial materials were described. In regard to an application of calorimetry to surface chemistry, basic principle on the heats of adsorption and immersion, and several examples for characterization of porous solids by the adsorption microcalorimetry were introduced. Various types of calorimeters as conduction, isoperibol, and adiabatic calorimeter have been widely used for the development of industrial materials and the quality control of cement in the construction field. Significance of biological wastes recycling and microbial activity in high-moisture biological wastes were described. Heats of mixing measurements for various kinds of binary mixtures containing fluorobutylmethylether, which were carried out to find the more effective solvent as the rinse of industrial creaming process, were explained.