Netsu Sokutei, 33 (2), p. 58, (2006)


Microscopic Two-Dimensional Thermal Analysis by a High-Speed Infrared Focal Plane Array

A new experimental technique by a high-speed infrared focal plane array (IR camera) is proposed for the microscopic two-dimensional visual thermal analysis and the method for the measurement of thermal diffusivity in a plane. The advantages of this technique are; (i) high-speed, (ii) non-contact sensing, (iii) two-dimensional (2D) image and (iv) micro-scale spatial resolution. The two-dimensional high speed image of temperature distribution at a microscopic level is taken in a heating/cooling temperature scan and the temperature-time profiles of 65,000 picture elements are obtained at the same time. The potentials for the observation of instantaneous latent heat and the phase shift measurement with a.c. technique are reviewed.