Netsu Sokutei, 47 (3), p. 83, (2020)


試料制御熱分析および速度論的分離解析法による 無機固体および高分子の熱分解反応における速度論的解析

Kinetic Analysis of Thermal Decomposition of Inorganic Solids and Polymer by Sample Controlled Thermal Analysis and Kinetic Deconvolution Analysis

Practical usefulness of sample controlled rate thermal analysis (SCTA) and kinetic deconvolution analysis for simultaneous overlapped thermal decomposition processes of inorganic solids and polymer were reviewed. The principle and techniques of SCTA, especially controlled rate evolved gas analysis- thermogravimetry (CREGA-TG), was compared with conventional measurements. A physico-geometrical kinetic interpretation is described based on the results of a kinetic study using TG and the microscopic observation of the reaction process. As exemplified by successful kinetic approaches to the thermal decomposition process, the applicability and the usefulness of kinetic deconvolution are discussed. It was concluded that kinetic deconvolution serves as a tool to characterize the simultaneously overlapping kinetic processes of thermal decomposition of inorganic solids and polymers, as long as the overlapping reaction processes are kinetically independent.