Netsu Sokutei, 45 (2), p. 73, (2018)


熱重量-示差熱分析による気相-固相反応を利用した 機能性セラミックスの開発及び評価

Evaluation and Development of Functional Ceramics Utilizing Gas-Solid Reaction by Thermogravimetry-Differential Thermal Analysis

Absorption/desorption property of In-doped BaFeO3-δ, which are candidates for CO2 absorbents and oxygen storage materials, was evaluated using thermogravimetry-differential thermal analysis (TG-DTA). X-ray diffraction measurements revealed that the crystal structure changed by 10% In substitution from BaFeO3-δ with ordered distribution of oxide ion vacancy to cubic perovskite structure with random arrangement of oxide ion vacancy and increase in the average valence of Fe ions. From TG-DTA under CO2 flow, it was found that the CO2 absorption property could be controlled by the substitution, indicating that CO2 absorption property would be tunable to required operating condition. Oxygen desorption behaviour of perovskite BaFe1-xInxO3-δ was evaluated using TG-DTA under various oxygen partial pressures and iodometry. It was found that the amount of oxygen desorption improved by the substitution, which could be attributed to the random distribution of oxide ion vacancy in the lattice.