Netsu Sokutei, 44 (4), p. 150, (2017)


熱容量・熱膨張測定を用いたスピン-格子強結合を有する フラストレーション磁性体の研究

Thermodynamic Studies of Spin-Lattice Effects in Frustrated Magnets

In spin frustrated systems, the interplay between spin and lattice degrees of freedom, known as spin-lattice coupling, often plays an important role. This article introduces the lattice behavior in pyrochlore-based frustrated magnets with strong spin-lattice coupling. Frustrated compounds are extensively investigated through neutron scattering experiments in terms of the spin behavior, although the lattice behavior has not been carefully investigated. Assuming the presence of strong spin-lattice coupling, a detailed study on the lattice behavior should provide not only insights into lattice properties but also profound understanding of spin properties. Here, we present the results of thermodynamic studies on chromium spinels CdCr2O4 and CoCr2O4, and pyrochlore Tb2Ti2O7. They exhibit characteristic lattice behaviors corresponding to their spin behaviors. Furthermore, the combination of heat capacity and thermal expansion studies provides valuable insights on the spin behavior and phase stability as well as the lattice property.