Netsu Sokutei, 42 (3), p. 104, (2015)


熱分析手法によるバイオマス炭化物のVOC 吸脱着特性評価

VOC Adsorption and Desorption Properties of Carbonized Biomass by Thermal Analysis

The volatile organic compounds (VOC) adsorption and VOC desorption properties of charcoals, woodceramics and steam activated charcoals prepared from various source biomasses were characterized by thermal analysis. VOC adsorption properties were evaluated by the rapid method for VOC evolved from wood materials using TG and headspace GC. VOC desorption properties were evaluated by EGA-Ion Attachment-MS. A wide range in VOC adsorption and VOC desorption properties was observed, and was correlated with source materials and carbonized temperatures.