Netsu Sokutei, 42 (1), p. 2, (2015)



Kinetic Characterization of the Inorganic Solid-State Reactions Using Thermal Analysis

Kinetic analysis of the solid-state reactions using thermal analysis is one of the methodologies used as an important scientific tool in the present society for realizing sustainable development. The methodology was originated and developed by significant contributions by Japanese researchers. In this article, the basis and progress of the methodology are reviewed in view of three components, i.e., theory of solid-state reactions, technique of thermal analysis, and theory of kinetic calculation. Logic of the methodology is summarized in the light of the mutual correlation of the methodological components. Through examining the credibility and physico-chemical significance of the kinetic parameters determined as the results of kinetic analysis, present status of the practical application of the methodology is revealed. Further, possible applications of the methodology to complex solid-state reactions are discussed as exemplified by partially overlapping multistep reactions. Through such reviewing work, it is hoped to find guidelines of the successful kinetic analysis of the solid-state reactions and of the development of the methodology.