Netsu Sokutei, 46 (3), p. 111, (2019)


溶液用を中心とした熱量計の開発と応用 - 熱量計形式の選択と設計手法 -

Development and Application of Solution Calorimeter - Guide for Selection of Detection Principle and Design Technique of Calorimeter -

In the past 40 years, several types of solution calorimeters have been designed and constructed in my laboratory. Suitable construction type and detection principle were selected for each calorimeter considering required precision, measurement purpose, term for development and costs or fund. Improved Picker’s type flow calorimeter was designed to measure excess heat capacity with “direct mixing” mode, which was enabled by making two flow paths in the each flow cells. Twin conduction type of flow microcalorimeters were developed for excess enthalpy of binary liquid, and enthalpy of dilution of polymer solution taking account of high accuracy and precision. A simple isoperibol calorimeter for heat of solution was constructed using a Dewar vessel to write a text book for undergraduate student at first, however this prototype was succeeded to development of the research level adiabatic one. To visualize the “calorie” of food or fuel, simple combustion calorimeter was assembled using thermometer, stirrer, beaker and flask to record the movie for scientific TV program. In those developing of calorimeter, suitable type of detection, mixing or reaction manner and construction details have been selected to save time and money for construction, and those viewpoints will be important to familiarize means of calorimetry to the scientific research and industrial analysis.