Netsu Sokutei, 29 (5), p. 217, (2002)


溶液の密度と圧縮率 - 分子の形と非等方的相互作用への一考察 -

Density and Sound Velocity Measurements of Mixtures - A Viewpoint of Molecular Shapes and Orientations Owing to Non-isotropic Interactions -

Molecular shape and dipole moment causing non-isotropic interactions are very important for analyzing the mixing states of liquid mixture. They affect the curves of excess volume, excess isentropic and isothermal compressibilities, and the other excess properties through the molecular packing in both the mixtures and the pure liquids. Molecules far from a simple globule orient in unfavorable ways to make their volumes increase in mixtures and pure liquids, and flexible linear molecules squeeze into the room arisen from the packing of bulky molecules. Dipole moments on the molecules orient in the way restricted by various molecular shapes.