Netsu Sokutei, 32 (1), p. 12, (2005)

熱測定 NetsuSokutei 32 (1), 12-19

大学の教養・基礎教育としての熱力学- 群馬大学で基礎および総合科目を担当した経験から -

Improvements of Teaching Method of Thermodynamics in the Undergraduate Physics Lessons at Gunma University

Oral tests have been effectively introduced in the lessons of undergraduate experimental physics at Gunma University. We show questions and answers actually exchanged with students concerning the basic concepts of thermodynamics, and show student's weak point in their understanding of energy and entropy. Considering the actual ability of students, we have improved our lecture courses by introducing demonstration experiments. Those demonstrations are powerful for students to acquire right concept of thermodynamics, when suitable explanations concerning the history of thermodynamics are given at the same time. Finally, we emphasize the importance of viewpoint based on the thermodynamic concepts in future university education.