Netsu Sokutei, 31 (3), p. 108, (2004)


化学教材の開発における熱分析の意義 -亜鉛塩の沈殿生成反応とその熱分解反応を例として-

The Significance of Thermal Analysis in the Development of Teaching Materials for Chemistry Education - As Exemplified by the Precipitation Reactions of Zinc Salts and their Thermal Decompositions -

Thermoanalytical studies of reactions involving basic zinc salts were made as an example of application of thermal analysis to the fundamental research on developing teaching materials for chemistry education. The studies were complemented by pH titrimetry, thermometric titrimetry, chemical analysis, IR spectrometry, and X-ray diffractometry. On the basis of the results, the possibility was suggested that some investigative teaching materials are developed by introducing the precipitation reactions and thermal decomposition of the basic zinc salts into chemistry courses at a secondary education level. It was proposed that the thermoanalytical measurements for the basic zinc salts applied in the present study are also utilized successfully as teaching materials for educating thermal analysis at universities and colleges.