Netsu Sokutei, 42 (4), p. 130, (2015)



Development of a Top-Loading Type Adiabatic Calorimeter with a Refrigerator

We have developed a top-loading type adiabatic calorimeter with a refrigerator, which works in the temperature range 20 - 300 K. This calorimeter has following four features, 1) no uses liquid nitrogen and liquid helium for refrigerant, 2) enables us to measure the heat capacities and enthalpy relaxations under stable state for a long time at lower temperature region ( < 77 K: liquid nitrogen temperature), 3) reduces the time required for the sample setup (within ~ 10 min) 4) enables us to set up samples at liquid nitrogen temperature (77 K). The heat capacity of an empty cell was measured in a test experiment. The imprecision of the heat capacity measurement was ±0.8 % at 20?30 K, ±0.4 % at 30 - 120 K, and ±0.2 % at above 120 K in the present.