Netsu Sokutei, 28 (3), p. 152, (2001)

特集 滴定カロリメトリー 2


Titration Calorimetry of Binary Solutions

With the aim of understanding the mechanisms of molecular discrimination and molecular behaviors of biological and biomimic systems on the bases of intermolecular interactions and conformations of stereo specific molecules, various kinds of thermodynamic measurements have been developed with the developments of experimental tools and apparatus by us on a line of policy to increase precision and accuracy and of downsizing the amounts of samples required. A titration calorimetry of binary mixtures give direct results of partial molar enthalpy to know the structure of solution and necessary a relatively small amount of samples to determined whole range of concentration. By the use of a titration calorimeter, we recently engaged in the measurements of heat of mixing of each pair of enantiomers of liquid state.