Netsu Sokutei, 46 (4), p. 188, (2019)



In situ Electrochemical Hole Doping and Magnetic Response of Prussian Blue Thin Film

Recently the electrical switching of magnetization and magnetic properties have been attempted by many researchers for the application to practical devices. This review introduces a significant magnetic response of Prussian Blue (PB) thin film incorporated in an ionic-liquid electrolysis cell by applying a DC bias voltage. Electrochemical hole doping into the PB film oxidized FeII to FeIII ions in the film, providing quasi-reversible electrochromic behaviour. We performed magnetic measurements of the electrolysis cell under a DC bias on an SQUID magnetometer. The switching of the film from a paramagnet to a ferrimagnet with a magnetic response at low temperatures and an in situ enhancement of magnetization of the film at 300 K were demonstrated.