Netsu Sokutei, 45 (1), p. 23, (2018)

特集 - ナノ構造体 -


Single-Molecule Thermoelectric Measurements using Nano-Fabricated MCBJs

Single-molecule connected to two electrodes comprises a nanostructure with quantum transport properties promising for thermoelectric applications. Here we describe a nanosensor strategy for measuring thermoelectric transport in single-molecule junctions. Our device consists of a Au nanobridge and a microheater embedded at the micrometer vicinity on a bending beam. It can be used to create molecular junctions via a mechanically-controllable break junction (MCBJ) technique and also to impose a temperature difference at a molecule by electrical heating the heater. In this way, whereby enabling thermoelectric voltage measurements at the single-molecule level. We also discuss the future prospects for thermal conductance measurements of single-molecule junctions.