Netsu Sokutei, 43 (W43), p. 1, (2016)



Efforts on Combination of Analog and Digital Learning

In order to help struggling students master the subjects of physical chemistry in the Chemistry department, a blended learning approach is adopted to include the following: (1) delivery of a recorded lecture by video-on-demand, (2) support from student assistants both in class and online, (3) group study and team-based learning in the classroom, (4) lectures designed to help students master the content, and (5) participative learning encouraged by the use of a clicker in class. The video-on-demand system is effective for real-time reservation of study at home. Significant positive correlations are confirmed between the degree of achievement and browse times of live video of lectures, group study, team-based learning, satisfaction with the lectures, and efficient utilization of clickers in class.