Virtual Intercontinental Assembly on Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis (VIACTA2022)-9th International and 11th Japan — China Joint Symposium on Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis (CATS-2022)
Oct 25-26, 2022


The Japan Society of Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis


Kohsaku Kawakami (National Institute for Materials Science),
Katsunori Yamaguchi (Waseda University)


Oct 25-26, 2022 (JST)



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Overview and Scope

"Virtual Intercontinental Assembly on Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis" (VIACTA2022) aims to bring academic and industrial researchers working on calorimetry and thermal analysis together to exchange their ideas and experiences. “The 9th international and 11th Japan - China Joint Symposium on Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis” (CATS-2022) is held by on-line as a part of VIACTA2022. The CATS was held in 1986 in Hangzhou (China) as the joint conference of the Japan society of calorimetry and thermal analysis (JSCTA) and the Thermodynamics and Thermal Analysis Committee of Chinese Chemical Society. The series conferences are alternately hosted every three-five years (Osaka (1990), Xian (1994), Tsukuba (1999), Lanzhou (2002), Fukuoka (2005), Dalian (2008), Tokyo (2011), Hangzhou (2014), Fukuoka (2017)). From the third time, it was changed to an international conference, and the name "International" was used. Due to the serious outbreak of COVID-19, the CATS-2022 is held irregular style than usual, but we will return to normal style possibly after 2023. The research topics include but not limited to:
  • Polymers and organics
  • Foods and pharmaceuticals
  • Biomaterials and biomolecules
  • Liquids, solutions, and molecular assemblies
  • Metals, ceramics, and inorganics
  • Energetic materials
  • Kinetics
  • Instrumentation and methods
  • Standards, regulations, and reference materials

Invited lecture

Plenary Talks
  • Buxing Han (Chinese Academy of Science)
    “Thermodynamic properties of green solvents and their applications in green chemistry”
  • Akihiko Toda (Hiroshima University)
    “Isothermal and Non-Isothermal Crystallization Kinetics Analyzed Using the Avrami and Ozawa Models”
Invited Talks (To be updated. The titles may be subjected to change.)
  • Paroma Chakravarty (Genentech)
    “From Drug Substance to Drug Product: Applications of Thermal Analysis in Pharmaceutical Development”
  • Loic Favaergeon (Ecole des Mines Saint-Etteine)
    “Mechanisms and physico-geometrical modeling for kinetic description of solid-gas reactions”
  • Yoshitomo Furushima (Toray Research Center)
    “Applications of Fast Scanning Calorimetry for Polymeric Materials”
  • Rajesh G. Gonnade (CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory )
    “Evaluation of Crystal to Crystal Polymorphic Phase Transition by Thermal and XRD Analyses”
  • Dijana Jelic (University of Banjaluka)
    “Thermal stability of active substances onto CaCO3/PVA carrier: A case study of cholecalciferol, D3”
  • Sandro Keller (University of Graz)
    “Thermodynamics of Lipid-Bilayer Nanodiscs for Studying Membrane Protein”
  • Nobuyoshi Koga (Hiroshima University)
    Universal kinetic approach to the thermal decomposition of solids over different partial pressures of evolved gas
  • Watson Loh (Campinas State University)
    “Calorimetry as an invaluable tool for investigation of complex association in colloids”
  • Rolf Walter Lortz (HongKong University of Science and Technology)
    “Using thermodynamic methods to uncover the secrets of unusual superconductors”
  • Jiri Malek (University of Pardubice)
    “Structural relaxation in glasses and amorphous materials revealed by thermal analysis”
  • Christoph Schick (Rostock University)
    "Application of Fast Scanning Calorimetry to Crystallization and Melting of Polymers"
  • Guy Van Assche (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
    “Reversible covalent polymer networks - material design supported by thermal analysis”
  • Stéphane Veesler (CNRS - Aix-Marseille Université)
    “Droplet-based Microfluidics to Study Crystallization Fundamentals”
  • Sergey Vyazovkin (University of Alabama at Birmingham)
    “Importance of determining the preexponential factor in model-free kinetic analysis”
  • Brian Woodfield (Brigham Young University)
    “There is More to Heat Capacity Measurements than Calculating Entropy”
  • Shuto Yamada (National Defense Academy)
  • Katsunori Yamaguchi (Waseda University)
CATS-2022(To be updated. The titles may be subjected to change.)
  • Sanping Chen (Northwest University)
    "Thermodynamics on interaction between guest and host for functional MOFs"
  • Masaki Kakiage (Gunma University)
    “Phase Transition and Melting Behavior Derived from Higher-Order Structure of Polymer Materials”
  • Xiaozheng Lan (Shandong Agricultural University)
    "Phase behaviors and ionic conductivity of some organic ionic plastic crystals"
  • Yi Liu (Tiangong University)
    "Thermodynamic foundation of the regulation effect and its mechanism of carbon dots on protein fibrillation"
  • Satoru Nagatoishi (University of Tokyo)
  • Kazuya Saito (University of Tsukuba)
  • Quan Shi (Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics)
    "Calorimetric study of energy materials"
  • Li-Xian Sun (Gulin Institute)
    "Thermodynamic Tuning and Database Construction for Hydrogen/Thermal Storage Materials"
  • Yilin Wang (Chinese Academy of Science)
    “Antibacterial Activity of Cationic Surfactants”
  • Satoshi Yamashita (Osaka University)
    "Thermodynamic measurements of organic quantum liquid systems"
Tutorial Session
  • Tadashi Kamiyama (Kindai University)
    "Basics of ITC measurement for beginners"
  • Kohsaku Kawakami (National Institute for Materials Science)
    "Basics and Tips for DSC measurements of Organic Materials"
  • Yasuhiro Nakazawa (Osaka University)
    "Introducation of Calorimetry and its Application for Researches"
  • Yasuo Saruyama (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
    "Introduction to Temperature Modulated DSC"

Important dates

September 5, 2022: Deadline for presentation registration
September 26, 2022: Abstract Submission Deadline
October 17, 2022: Registration Deadline


US$20 for all participants (except for invited speakers)




  • Sekai Iwama (Kumamoto Gakuen University)
  • Tadashi Kamiyama (Kindai University)
  • Kohsaku Kawakami (National Institute for Materials Science): Chair
  • Suguru Kitani (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • Nobuyoshi Koga (Hiroshima University)
  • Atsushi Nagoe (KokushikanUniversity)
  • Yasuhiro Nakazawa (Osaka University)
  • Hal Suzuki (Kindai University)
  • Itaru Tsukushi (Chiba Institute of Technology)
  • Takeshi Yamada (Comprehensive Research Organization for Science and Society)
  • Katsunori Yamaguchi (Waseda University): Chair
  • Yasuhisa Yamamura (University of Tsukuba)


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